miniBE Noninvasive Multiplexed Biomass Sensor

Uniquely designed to monitor cell density in small vessels and single use fermenters, the miniBE parallel multi-vessel biomass sensors combine noninvasive OD monitoring with BugLab’s patented bubble correction feature.  Simply attach the small (24 mm x 21 mm) miniBE Universal Vessel Adapter onto the vessel wall, then click-in the reusable and detachable fiber optic sensor with a simple push.

The miniBE has an outstanding linear biomass range (<0.3 to >300 OD units) over 3 orders of magnitude and utilizes near-infrared back-scattering reflectance to monitor real-time biomass from inoculation to harvest across wide ranging process conditions without any sampling nor risk of contamination.

  • Optimized for parallel multi-vessel online monitoring of cell density in small vessels and single use fermenters
  • Versatile space saving multiplexed format (no immersion port required) with process connectivity
  • Unique and highly effective bubble correction in high aeration and agitation environments
  • Ultra-wide linear biomass range: 0.1 to >100 g/L dry cell weight
  • Diverse vessel compatibility and working volumes down to 10 ml
  • Built-in predefined biomass calibrations

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