NEW proBE 3000 Fiber Optic Total Biomass Sensor

miniBE Noninvasive Multiplexed Biomass Sensor (coming soon!)

Uniquely designed to monitor cell density in small vessels and single use fermenters, the miniBE parallel multi-vessel biomass sensors combine noninvasive OD monitoring with BugLab’s patented bubble correction feature.  Simply attach the small (2 cm x 2 cm) miniBE Universal Vessel Adapter onto the vessel wall, then click-in the reusable and detachable fiber optic sensor with a simple push.

The miniBE has an outstanding linear biomass range (<0.1 to >300 OD units) over 3.5 orders of magnitude and utilizes near-infrared back-scattering reflectance to monitor real-time biomass from inoculation to harvest across wide ranging process conditions without any sampling nor risk of contamination.

  • Optimized for parallel multi-vessel online monitoring of cell density in small vessels and single use fermenters
  • Versatile space saving multiplexed format (no immersion port required) with process connectivity
  • Unique and highly effective bubble correction in high aeration and agitation environments
  • Ultra-wide linear biomass range: <0.05 to >150 g/L dry cell weight
  • Diverse vessel compatibility and working volumes down to 10 ml
  • Built-in predefined biomass calibrations

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