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proBE 3000
Sensor type Immersion Fiber optic Non-invasive Non-invasive Fiber optic Non-invasive Portable handheld
Vessel sizes Any size (from mini bioreactors to large stainless steel fermenters) ≥1 L Smaller vessels and single use fermenters 125–2000 mL shake flasks, 50 mL conical tubes, culture bottles
Vessel wall thickness N/A <13 mm <4 mm <5 mm
Reflectance spectrum 1310 nm 850 nm 1330 nm 1310 nm
Sensor placement measurement requirements >1 cm below media level and >3 cm from vessel bottom and/or interfering objects >7.5 cm fluid depth >2.5 cm fluid depth   >3 cm fluid depth
Additional info Probe sizes, diameter/length
  • 3.2 mm/140 mm
  • 4 mm/205 mm
  • 4 mm/325 mm
  • 12 mm/120 mm
Monitoring options
  • Single sensor base unit
  • BE2400 Multiplex sensor base unit
  • BE/USB Adapter (no monitor)
Validated vessels
  • Applikon miniBio
  • Eppendorf BioBLU
  • Sartorius ambr 250
  • Thermo SUF HyPerforma
  • please inquire for others
Approx. OD Biomass range** OD 0.01 to 600, >4 orders OD <0.3 to >300, >3 orders OD <0.3 to >300, >3 orders OD <0.3 to >30, >2 orders
Biomass range (S. cerevisiae DCW) <0.01 to >200 g/L <0.1 to >100 g/L   <0.1 to >100 g/L   <0.1 to >10 g/L
Biomass accuracy* (S. cerevisiae  DCW ) 15% 0.03–200 g/L 15% 0.3–100 g/L 15% 0.3–100 g/L 15% 0.3–10 g/L
Factory-set standard calibration
  • S. cerevisiae
  • E. coli
  • NTU
  • Clostridium
User-defined to match variation in vessel wall thickness
  • S. cerevisiae
  • NTU
  • more coming
  • S. cerevisiae
  • E. coli
  • NTU
  • Clostridium
  • Chlorella vulgaris
Available outputs & Process connectivity Analog 4–20 mA or 2–10 V, USB, OPC Analog 4–20 mA or 2–10 V, RS-232/DB9, USB, OPC Analog 4–20 mA or 2–10 V, USB, OPC USB
Windows PC software interface Real-time via USB Real-time via USB Real-time via USB Download measurement data via USB
Performance verification Reflectance standards Calibration cups Reflectance standards Verification cup
Laser calibration Self-calibrating Self-calibrating Self-calibrating Self-calibrating
Multiplexing features Up to 4 probes per multiplexing base unit Up to 4 sensors per multiplexing base unit Up to 4 sensors per multiplexing base unit N/A
Special features Patented bubble correction, autoclavable, SIP/CIP compliant Measures through fermenter wall or viewing port Patented bubble correction, flexible attachment < 6 sec. measurement, cordless, rechargeable

** To report results in OD units, it will be necessary to calibrate the sensor to correlate with the specific spectrophotometer used for offline OD measurements.  This is due to differences in OD measured among varying spectrophotometers as OD itself is not an absolute universal value.

* 15% accuracy encompasses variations in vessel wall thickness, sizes, and physical condition. For the proBE 3000 and miniBE, the 15% accuracy also encompasses the effects of varying bubbling conditions due to aeration, sparging, foaming and/or agitation. In the absence of these variations, the accuracy will be better than 15%.