Innovators in optical biomass monitoring.
Advanced biomass measurement solutions for microbial cultures in fermentors and shake flasks.

Handheld OD Scanner for Shake Flasks (BEH100)

BugLab’s OD Scanner eliminates the need to open shake flasks to measure biomass. Simply point the sensor into a shake flask, and within 6 seconds, your biomass is complete. No more dilutions or wasted samples!

proBE 3000 Fiber Optic Total Biomass Sensor

proBE 3000 Fiber Optic Total Biomass Sensor (BE3000)

The proBE 3000 immersion sensor employs a near infrared laser to determine on-line, real time biomass in fermenters from 0.01 to 200 g/L dry cell weight, without dilution, without sampling, with one single sensor.

miniBE Sensor

miniBE Noninvasive Multiplexed Biomass Sensor for Small Vessels (NEW!!!)

Our new miniBE fiber optic sensors for real-time parallel monitoring of cell density in small vessels and single use fermenters provide a most unique, cost-effective and versatile space saving solution to your small vessel biomass measurement needs.

BE2100 Sensor

BE2100 Noninvasive Biomass Sensor

The BE2100 is an industry-leading, non-invasive biomass monitoring system designed for use in both research laboratory and industrial environments. It provides continuous, real time, and online biomass measurements of your fermentation culture.

BE2100 Noninvasive Biomass Monitor for BE2100 Sensor

BE2100 Base Unit Biomass Monitor

The BE2100 provides digital display of the BE2100 sensor readings and can be used independently without the data logging software.  The BE2100 base unit comes equipped with serial RS-232, USB and 4-20 mA analog outputs. A second analog output provides the ability to monitor growth rate in real time.

BE2400 Noninvasive Biomass Multiplexer

BE2400 Multiplexer Biomass Monitor

The BE2400 adds multiplexing convenience to BugLab’s non-invasive biomass monitoring systems, designed for use in both research laboratory and industrial environments. It can accommodate up to four BE2100 sensor heads, identical to those used with the BE2100 base unit .